MBMH Seminar

Welcome! by D. Grainger Wedaman
August 31, 2009, 9:22 pm
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A warm welcome to everyone who will be part of our Middlebury-Brandeis-Mount Holyoke Seminar.

Our schools find ourselves in the interesting area of exploring what it means to bring together in a collaborative work context a variety of heretofore distinct responsibilities, among them research support; instructional technology and design; information (or critical) literacies; collection development; academic liaison work.

The idea of our seminar: let’s do it together!  In other words, can we three schools, working in a seminar format (with regular “meetings” on identified topics) lay the groundwork for a new community of practice?

We plan to meet once in person (next week) and subsequently thereafter for 5 regular on-line seminar sessions, each with its own topic (and related homework).  Each session will be led by a team; teams will also be assigned final projects.