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Introduction: Alex Wirth-Cauchon by alexwc
September 3, 2009, 4:19 pm
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Alex Wirth-Cauchon: Director of Research and Instructional Support (RIS), Mount Holyoke (awirthca@mtholyoke.edu)

RIS was created several years ago by merging the instructional technology and reference groups.  It now includes collection development. Using Dave’s language, we are responsible for the liaison program, research assistance, instructional technology, CourseMS support (not back-end), collection development, multimedia support, statistical and scientific packages support, and more!  We also are involved in digital collection development, though leadership of that is being spun off into an new unit.

Mount Holyoke College is “the first of the seven sisters” and still focuses on rigorous liberal arts education for women.  MHC is part of the Five Colleges Inc.  While we work closely with them on many projects, we are the only campus with a merged IT/Library structure.  We are especially happy to learn with/from our peer institutions about how to make this model serve our mission more/most effectively.

I earned my Ph.D. in Sociology at Boston College.  While leapfrogging through that program with my wife I spent more than eight years as a professional staff member in BC’s office of information technology (VAX/VMS Ultrix days…).  I taught Sociology at Drake University and Grinnell College before doing faculty development work at Grinnell under a Mellon grant.  Some of our work at Grinnell led to the creation of the Mellon-funded Midwest Instructional Technology Center (MITC) which I helped launch in 2002 and which merged with the Middlebury-based CET and ACSTC to become NITLE in 2006.  I joined MHC in March of 2009.