MBMH Seminar

Introduction: Alex Chapin by achapin63
September 10, 2009, 9:34 pm
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My title is Principal Curricular Technologist, a position at Middlebury within the Academic Consulting Services area.  I also lead a Curricular Technology team and specialize in technologies for 2nd language acquisition.  I am one of the principal designers of Segue, the curricular content management system currently in use at Middlebury (that we expect to replace in the coming year) and more recently have been developing a theming framework for WordPress.  I participated in the Future of Everything NERCOMP symposium last spring, doing a presentation of the “Future of Learning Management Systems.”  Other presentations I have done in the last year include Widgets in Education and iPods and 2nd Language Acquisition.  I also attended some of the Project Bamboo workshops and contributed a scholarly narrative on collaborative translation and annotation to the Project Bamboo wiki.

I have worked closely with the Open Knowledge Initiative, overseeing the implementation of their open service interface definitions (OSIDs) into Harmoni, an application framework we developed that provides basic services to Segue as well as MiddMedia, our media repository service (Middlebury College received a Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration in 2007 for some of this work).

My background is in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies and I have a degree in History of Religions from University of Virginia.  I have published a CD-ROM for learning Tibetan and more recently a series of language phrasebooks and study guides for mobile devices published by McGraw-Hill.


Introduction: Andy Wentink by vermontmanwentink
September 10, 2009, 8:00 pm
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I’m Andy Wentink, Curator of Special Collections & Middlebury College Archives. As a member of the Academic Consulting Services group, I am principal liaison to American Studies, English & American Literatures, US History, Religion, Film & Media Culture,  and History of Art & Architecture. In the past several years, I have supervised several major online exhibits and digital archives projects. In addition to bibiliographic and research instruction classes, I teach academic courses for American Studies, Film & Media Culture, Russian, and Dance. I work extensively with faculty in integrating primary sources, technology, and media and digtital resources into the curriculum. I look forward to this opportunity to share ideas on the promise of this challenging project with other participants.

Introduction: Joy Pile by joypile
September 10, 2009, 6:20 pm
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I’m a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Middlebury with liaison responsibilities for Music and 9 of the 10 foreign languages taught here. I’m also the library liaison for the summer language schools. Like Bryan, I also serve on the Curricular Technologies Team and am a project manager for the web makeover. Changes in technology are changing the way we deliver services, and with my colleagues, am assessing reference services and testing new models of providing it.

Introduction: Bryan Carson by Bryan
September 10, 2009, 4:40 pm
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I am the Electronic Services Librarian at Middlebury.  I am a member of Academic Consulting Services in LIS, our merged Library and Information Services organization.  I have served as library and technology liaison to many departments in my 6 1/2 years at Middlebury.  Currently, I am a member of the Curricular Technology Team, a cross-functional team consisting of individuals drawn from several different areas within LIS.   I also serve and the technology liaison to the summer Language Schools.  Along with serving on the Web Redesign Committee, I am a project manager for several departments’ Web makeovers.   I am the admin for SubjectsPlus (the open-source platform for our library subject guides) and CONTENTdm.  To varying degrees, I have my admin hand in several other systems, including: the library catalog (Web interface), EZProxy, library’s current website,  and Segue, our courseware.   Additionally, I support these systems through training and troubleshooting.  I provide training and support for library databases and tools as well as providing research instruction and consultation to students, faculty, and staff.

Background: In past lives (borrowed this idea from Dave W.) I worked at a dot-com, taught English as a 2nd language (in US and abroad) and German.  I am foreign language as well as a tech geek.  MLIS from Pitt.  MA, BA from UF.

Introduction: Carrie Macfarlane by cmacfarl
September 9, 2009, 9:51 pm
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I’m Carrie Macfarlane, and I’m the Reference and Instruction Librarian for the Sciences at Middlebury.  I’m a member of the “Academic Consulting Services” group that Mike Roy mentions below.  For a few years now, I’ve been the library contact for most of the science departments.  Recently, as a result of changes to the scope of our liaison program, I’ve become the library AND the technology contact for the sciences.  So far, so good!  While I’m talking with faculty about their library needs, we might as well talk about their technology needs too!  One topic flows to the other quite naturally, it seems.  I’m looking forward to working with all of you and finding out more about this seminar project.

Mike Roy Intro by mikeroy
September 9, 2009, 3:31 am
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I’m Mike Roy. I work at Middlebury, where I’m the dean of library and information services, and acting director of a group that we call Academic Consulting Services. Library and Information Services is a merged Library/IT Shop, and Academic Consulting Services is our latest effort to try to organize a unit that can take advantage of our merged state by providing faculty and students with integrated, holistic, single-point of contact, alongside teams of experts and specialists. This seminar is a big step for us, as we (or at least I!) hope that it will help us think through what this new role of consultant should look like as we enter the 2nd decade of the 21st century.

I look forward to meeting you all in Bellows Falls on Friday!

— mike