MBMH Seminar

Karrie Peterson, Brandeis University by Karrie Peterson
September 16, 2009, 7:58 pm
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Hi, introducing myself.  Sorry to miss the first day — it sounded like a great place for an extended look at our seminar project!

I oversee the instruction program at Brandeis, working in a merged organization, which means that librarians and instructional technologists work in a totally blended way to support teaching and learning across the disciplines.  We aim for an approach to instruction that integrates information literacy skills with media literacies and technical fluency.

I got my library degree from University of Pittsburgh ages ago (1998!), was a government documents librarian for many years and head of a docs/data/GIS unit for awhile.  Before getting my library degree, I worked at the Seattle Public Library for a long time doing telephone reference.

I also have a background in political organizing and labor movement, and this part of my brain refocussed on access to information from every conceivable angle when I became a librarian (Code, network neutrality, free culture, new media literacies and Henry Jenkins, government secrecy and access to govt info, privacy, copyright and business models for both cultural and scholarly information).  I’m glad to be a part of the seminar!