MBMH Seminar

First Meeting — Working Agenda by alexwc
September 1, 2009, 9:16 pm
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RIS Seminar Day 1

Saxton’s River Inn


27 Main Street   Saxtons River, VT

9:30 Arrive, get hot beverage, meet, and greet

10:00 Sharp! <DW, MR, AWC>The charge and goals for the MBMH Seminar, outlining activities for the day </DW, MR, AWC>

10:15 <AWC>Team break-out

Who is your team? How will you introduce your team so the rest of us know and remember you.  You will have 180 seconds.

10:30 Introduce your team to the rest of us in 3 minutes or less

Who are the other teams?

10:45 Team break out

Complete Doodle poll to choose dates your team will lead

Review and rank topics your team would like to lead.

Share your ranking with the group…likely on a board.

11:15 Negotiate with other teams

Do other teams want the same topics?  Meet them and work it out.

Finalize topic for each team.</AWC>

11:30 Lunch and discussion <DW>

While you enjoy your food with your team, flesh out the topic you picked.  Does it mean the same thing to each of you?  Does it need to be focused?

12:15 Lunch and report out

In 180 seconds or less tell the rest of us about your topic.


12:30 <MR>The MBMH Toolkit

We have already started working in the MBMH Seminar blog.  Mike will present and discuss other tools we will use to support our work.


13:00 <DW> Team breakout

Dave will quickly run through a reminder of the format and of the charge to the groups.  The rest of the time will be for your team to begin planing and managing your topic.  What needs to be done?  Who will do what by when?


13:30 <DW, MR, AWC> Reflections

Recap of decisions and activities

Assessment of the day using 3*5 cards for comments and questions.

14:00 End of Day </DW, MR, AWC>