MBMH Seminar

Karrie Peterson, Brandeis University by Karrie Peterson
September 16, 2009, 7:58 pm
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Hi, introducing myself.  Sorry to miss the first day — it sounded like a great place for an extended look at our seminar project!

I oversee the instruction program at Brandeis, working in a merged organization, which means that librarians and instructional technologists work in a totally blended way to support teaching and learning across the disciplines.  We aim for an approach to instruction that integrates information literacy skills with media literacies and technical fluency.

I got my library degree from University of Pittsburgh ages ago (1998!), was a government documents librarian for many years and head of a docs/data/GIS unit for awhile.  Before getting my library degree, I worked at the Seattle Public Library for a long time doing telephone reference.

I also have a background in political organizing and labor movement, and this part of my brain refocussed on access to information from every conceivable angle when I became a librarian (Code, network neutrality, free culture, new media literacies and Henry Jenkins, government secrecy and access to govt info, privacy, copyright and business models for both cultural and scholarly information).  I’m glad to be a part of the seminar!


Introduction: Alex Chapin by achapin63
September 10, 2009, 9:34 pm
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My title is Principal Curricular Technologist, a position at Middlebury within the Academic Consulting Services area.  I also lead a Curricular Technology team and specialize in technologies for 2nd language acquisition.  I am one of the principal designers of Segue, the curricular content management system currently in use at Middlebury (that we expect to replace in the coming year) and more recently have been developing a theming framework for WordPress.  I participated in the Future of Everything NERCOMP symposium last spring, doing a presentation of the “Future of Learning Management Systems.”  Other presentations I have done in the last year include Widgets in Education and iPods and 2nd Language Acquisition.  I also attended some of the Project Bamboo workshops and contributed a scholarly narrative on collaborative translation and annotation to the Project Bamboo wiki.

I have worked closely with the Open Knowledge Initiative, overseeing the implementation of their open service interface definitions (OSIDs) into Harmoni, an application framework we developed that provides basic services to Segue as well as MiddMedia, our media repository service (Middlebury College received a Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration in 2007 for some of this work).

My background is in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies and I have a degree in History of Religions from University of Virginia.  I have published a CD-ROM for learning Tibetan and more recently a series of language phrasebooks and study guides for mobile devices published by McGraw-Hill.

Introduction: Alex Wirth-Cauchon by alexwc
September 3, 2009, 4:19 pm
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Alex Wirth-Cauchon: Director of Research and Instructional Support (RIS), Mount Holyoke (awirthca@mtholyoke.edu)

RIS was created several years ago by merging the instructional technology and reference groups.  It now includes collection development. Using Dave’s language, we are responsible for the liaison program, research assistance, instructional technology, CourseMS support (not back-end), collection development, multimedia support, statistical and scientific packages support, and more!  We also are involved in digital collection development, though leadership of that is being spun off into an new unit.

Mount Holyoke College is “the first of the seven sisters” and still focuses on rigorous liberal arts education for women.  MHC is part of the Five Colleges Inc.  While we work closely with them on many projects, we are the only campus with a merged IT/Library structure.  We are especially happy to learn with/from our peer institutions about how to make this model serve our mission more/most effectively.

I earned my Ph.D. in Sociology at Boston College.  While leapfrogging through that program with my wife I spent more than eight years as a professional staff member in BC’s office of information technology (VAX/VMS Ultrix days…).  I taught Sociology at Drake University and Grinnell College before doing faculty development work at Grinnell under a Mellon grant.  Some of our work at Grinnell led to the creation of the Mellon-funded Midwest Instructional Technology Center (MITC) which I helped launch in 2002 and which merged with the Middlebury-based CET and ACSTC to become NITLE in 2006.  I joined MHC in March of 2009.

Introduction: Dave Wedaman by D. Grainger Wedaman
September 2, 2009, 6:54 pm
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Dave Wedaman: Director for Research and Instruction, Brandeis (wedaman@brandeis.edu)

Bio: I lead the RIS team at Brandeis, which combines a variety of librarians, instructional technologists, and other specialists to organize much of our academic or curricular-facing support to the university.  We oversee a variety of areas: the liaison program, research assistance, instructional technology, course management system support, archives, special collections, resource sharing, institutional repository, collection development, multimedia support.  Brandeis is a small university essentially combining a liberal arts college with a variety of strong graduate programs.

Background: In past lives I was our Academic Technology Coordinator, a Writing and French instructor, and a grad student (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature).  I serve on the board of the Northeast Regional Computing Program and chair the committee that coordinates our SIG program.

Interest: We at Brandeis have been exploring the blended academic professional area for a few years; we were beginning to develop something like this seminar in-house, when we discovered Middlebury and Mt. Holyoke were also exploring similar paths.  The opportunity to collaborate is compelling; we’ve been involved in similar inter-institutional collaborations in the past (for example, “WBW,”  with Williams and Wesleyan focusing on IT services).

Welcome! by D. Grainger Wedaman
August 31, 2009, 9:22 pm
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A warm welcome to everyone who will be part of our Middlebury-Brandeis-Mount Holyoke Seminar.

Our schools find ourselves in the interesting area of exploring what it means to bring together in a collaborative work context a variety of heretofore distinct responsibilities, among them research support; instructional technology and design; information (or critical) literacies; collection development; academic liaison work.

The idea of our seminar: let’s do it together!  In other words, can we three schools, working in a seminar format (with regular “meetings” on identified topics) lay the groundwork for a new community of practice?

We plan to meet once in person (next week) and subsequently thereafter for 5 regular on-line seminar sessions, each with its own topic (and related homework).  Each session will be led by a team; teams will also be assigned final projects.