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Research in 2020 Group 3
March 8, 2010, 4:15 pm
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Doomsday or Utopia?

Research for undergraduates?  Or for faculty/graduates?  Distinctions not clear.


Much more good info, but more crap, more amusing themselves, realize the need to discern the valuable stuff from the crap.

Caches of stuff not on line will gain in value/importance.


Onus on us to help students understand the wealth of information.

Value of accessing hard copy/originals/experiencing the “real.”

Literacy instruction will/needs to be shifted “down” into pre-college, primary education.

“We” are left with being specialized resources and offering remedial resources.

College/University academic support shift into higher levels of discernment and support.


More opportunity for people to share and manipulate their own information.

While the computer distinguishes differences the user is left to make meaning of this.

Need for people who understand data, metadata,  the structure of information, and the tools that allow analysis.

Open access and creative commons copyright…publishing happens locally through repositories, refereeing moved to post-publication, there might be multiple refereeing groups representing different wings within the discipline.  Possible to also have broader commentary.  This may open spaces for greater inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Indexing allow greater integration with less human input.

Standards will be more important to better permit cross-searching.  (Tension between associations and others who define these standards.)


How do we balance willingness to take risks (depending on new publishing spaces for instance) with leading such changes.


Tiers of approval…Kuhn’s normal/revolutionary science.  How do we create spaces where both can happen?

How does this impact “our” work?


Develop ability to analyze non-textual sources critically.


Will the Instructional Technologists’ job still here?  Or is it sped up commoditized/moved off site?


How do we support open source?  We will still need to mediate between the users and the hosts of the open source tools off site.


Group #1 Teaching & Learning 1991
March 8, 2010, 2:55 pm
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  • Teaching happened in the classroom mostly, also in field.
  • Learning took place in the dorm rooms.
  • Teaching had overheads.
  • Teaching was sage on the stage.
  • Some of the great liberal arts colleges with small class sizes had more progressive pedagogy.
  • Style of teaching may be dependant as much on kind of institution as anything else
  • Students read from books
  • Had to go to the library had to talk to a reference librarian
  • start of digitizing images bleeding edge using technology
  • AV guys in the library instead of instructional designers
  • listening labs . . . !
  • MS Office was around

NERCOMP Preconference Seminar “The Future of Academic Support”
March 8, 2010, 2:22 pm
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We’re using the MBMH blog to continue our MBMH conversation at NERCOMP 2010 Annual Conference.  You’ll see here shortly the notes that come out of our preconference seminar “The Future of Academic Support.”

Guidelines for the Next Speakers?
October 23, 2009, 3:45 pm
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If you have suggestions for the next group’s presentation from our experiences today, share them!

Random thoughts:

  • do have a moderator
  • whiteboard drawing — distraction or helpful conduit for release of nervous energy?
  • ask presenting group to summarize post presentation conversation
  • have speaker transmit video of themselves?
  • share online media via links in IM feed
  • use headphones if you’ll be talking
  • use the author’s name in your IM if you’re responding to another IM
  • use the 6-speakers setting

Dates, Teams, Topics
September 13, 2009, 7:30 pm
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October 23, Stork
The Mixing and Blurring of Entertainment and Scholarship

  • Karrie Peterson, Brandeis
  • Joy Pile, Midd
  • Alex Chapin, Midd
  • Chrissa Godbout, Mt. H.

November 6, Eagle
Do Students Learn Differently?

  • Thom Valicenti, Brandeis
  • Bryan Carson, Midd
  • Mary Glackin, Mt. H.

November 20, Elephant
Faculty Development Relationships

  • Amy Craig, Brandeis
  • Carrie Macfarlane, Midd
  • Janet Ewing, Mt. H.

December 4, Grasshopper
What is Scholarship and How Does It Affect Our Work?

  • Lisa Zeidenberg, Brandeis
  • Andy Wentik, Midd
  • Leigh Mantel, Mt. H.
  • James Lee, Brandeis

December 18, Muscovy Duck
Organizational Development

  • David G. Wedaman, Ph.D., Brandeis
  • Mike Roy, Midd
  • Alex Wirth-Cauchon, Mt. H.
  • Shel Sax, Midd

Introduction: Dave Wedaman
September 2, 2009, 6:54 pm
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Dave Wedaman: Director for Research and Instruction, Brandeis (wedaman@brandeis.edu)

Bio: I lead the RIS team at Brandeis, which combines a variety of librarians, instructional technologists, and other specialists to organize much of our academic or curricular-facing support to the university.  We oversee a variety of areas: the liaison program, research assistance, instructional technology, course management system support, archives, special collections, resource sharing, institutional repository, collection development, multimedia support.  Brandeis is a small university essentially combining a liberal arts college with a variety of strong graduate programs.

Background: In past lives I was our Academic Technology Coordinator, a Writing and French instructor, and a grad student (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature).  I serve on the board of the Northeast Regional Computing Program and chair the committee that coordinates our SIG program.

Interest: We at Brandeis have been exploring the blended academic professional area for a few years; we were beginning to develop something like this seminar in-house, when we discovered Middlebury and Mt. Holyoke were also exploring similar paths.  The opportunity to collaborate is compelling; we’ve been involved in similar inter-institutional collaborations in the past (for example, “WBW,”  with Williams and Wesleyan focusing on IT services).

Brandeis “RIS Seminar” Notes
September 2, 2009, 12:38 pm
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We’d begun doing some thinking along the lines of the MBMH seminar at Brandeis (working title was “RIS Seminar”).  Feel free to peruse our notes for topic ideas or references to resources: