MBMH Seminar

Guidelines for the Next Speakers? by D. Grainger Wedaman
October 23, 2009, 3:45 pm
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If you have suggestions for the next group’s presentation from our experiences today, share them!

Random thoughts:

  • do have a moderator
  • whiteboard drawing — distraction or helpful conduit for release of nervous energy?
  • ask presenting group to summarize post presentation conversation
  • have speaker transmit video of themselves?
  • share online media via links in IM feed
  • use headphones if you’ll be talking
  • use the author’s name in your IM if you’re responding to another IM
  • use the 6-speakers setting

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When using the “share application” tool, have the setting checked for “size to fit”.

Comment by Chrissa

Should definitely have a moderator, only they can control how many people can speak at once. Headphones are good or make sure your mic is not in front of your speakers. Not sure whether is best to share an app or a region when presenting. I chose to share a region in order to be able to switch apps more easily.

Comment by achapin63

After Nov 13th session.
Shel’s suggestion. Put the text comments on a Google doc and post-process them back into the whiteboard file.

Comment by Bryan

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